The process of designing an e-commerce website can be a difficult task especially when you decide to create the site from scratch by yourself. Hiring a professional can cost you more money. However, e-commerce website templates will make this task easy. They are ready-made with a user-friendly interface to enable you to design your site within a second. At times you can make a mistake when choosing a template which can make your website look sketchy and unprofessional.  Avoiding these mistakes can make your business successful. Here are the mistakes you need to avoid:

Choosing a template that is popular

This mistake is common to most of the entrepreneurs. They copy what other entrepreneurs in the same niche are doing. They forget that customers are looking for that unique e-commerce site to shop from. To enable you to choose a unique template, you need to research and see how your competitors are designing their websites. With this, you will have an idea of a site that has a unique design.

Selecting a template that has no drag and drop builder

A drag and drop builder will enable you to customize your template into a design of your choice. You can add attractive colors, fonts or a logo of your business. With this feature, you can customize the template without any design knowledge. Most of the e-commerce website templates in Canada lack these feature. Hence, ignoring it will be a hard task to create a unique site.

Choosing an e-commerce website template that will confuse your target audience

You aim of using an e-commerce website is to convey a message. When you choose a template that does not explain what you offer will confuse your customers, and this will make them run away from your site. To avoid this, you need to understand your products and services and choose a template that will convey a message that aligns with them.

Ignoring the plugin features and compatibility

Plug in features is essential in every successful business. Features such as SEO friendly, fast loading, as well as compatible with various devices are elements that most entrepreneurs ignore. Without these features, your site will have few or no traffic.

Not considering the multi-language feature

Most of the customers understand a different language. Hence, ignoring this feature will be a way of chasing away international customers. Thus, to make everyone understand your products and services, you need to select a multi-language featured e-commerce website template.


Every feature in an e-commerce website template plays a crucial role in enhancing customers’ experience. Failing to consider them will make your business frustrate you and face losses.

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